Which are the top 10 health and wellness influencers to follow on social media?

1. Dr. Mark Hyman – A renowned functional medicine doctor and author who shares valuable insights on nutrition and holistic health.
2. Adriene Mishler – Known for her YouTube channel “Yoga with Adriene,” she offers free yoga classes for all levels, promoting physical and mental wellbeing.
3. Dr. Rhonda Patrick – A biochemist and expert on nutrition, aging, and longevity. She provides evidence-based information on optimizing health through diet and lifestyle.
4. Dr. Rangan Chatterjee – A well-known British physician and author who focuses on empowering individuals to take control of their health through lifestyle changes.
5. Joe Wicks – Also known as “The Body Coach,” he is a fitness and nutrition expert who offers workouts, meal plans, and motivation through his social media platforms.
6. Koya Webb – A wellness coach and yoga teacher who advocates for self-love, fitness, and plant-based nutrition.
7. Jen Widerstrom – A personal trainer and former trainer on “The Biggest Loser,” she provides fitness tips, inspiration, and promotes a balanced approach to health.
8. Dr. Josh Axe – A chiropractor, nutritionist, and author, he shares practical advice on natural remedies, nutrition, and overall wellness.
9. Kayla Itsines – Creator of the popular Bikini Body Guides (BBG) workout program, she inspires and motivates millions of women to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
10. Jasmine Hemsley – A wellness expert and author who emphasizes the importance of mindful eating, Ayurveda, and sustainable living.

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