Which are the top 10 largest healthcare data breaches this year?

1. HCA Healthcare: In mid-2021, HCA Healthcare experienced a data breach that impacted the personal information of approximately 1.4 million individuals.

2. Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences: In February 2021, a phishing attack on the university’s Center for Health Sciences exposed the data of around 279,865 individuals.

3. Banner Health: In February 2021, Banner Health experienced a cyberattack that exposed the data of around 230,000 patients, employees, and providers.

4. Healthcare Waste Solutions: A data breach at Healthcare Waste Solutions in early 2021 resulted in the exposure of personal information belonging to approximately 211,000 patients.

5. McLaren Health Care: In July 2021, a data breach at McLaren Health Care impacted around 191,000 patients. The breach occurred due to a phishing attack.

6. American Medical Technologies: A ransomware attack on American Medical Technologies in May 2021 compromised the data of approximately 114,000 individuals.

7. Orlando Family Physicians: A hacking incident at Orlando Family Physicians in February 2021 exposed the data of around 104,000 patients, including personal and medical information.

8. BioReference Laboratories: In April 2021, a data breach at BioReference Laboratories resulted in the exposure of personal information belonging to approximately 91,000 patients.

9. CVS Health: A data breach at CVS Health’s online photo service in July 2021 affected nearly 48,000 patients, exposing their names, addresses, birthdates, and prescription details.

10. Step By Step: In May 2021, a ransomware attack on healthcare provider Step By Step exposed the data of approximately 33,000 patients. The breach included personal information like Social Security numbers and medical data.

Please note that the specific order may vary depending on the source and ongoing investigations.

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